“Will they or won’t they?” is a universal question asked in the realm of entertainment for ages! The question is often asked in reference to a couple, both real or fictitious, This question can also be asked about celebrities. The stories of our favourite celebrities feel even more interesting when we read about their relatable life events, for once, we can feel like we have something in common with these famous figures! Reading news about a celebrity experiencing life milestones like a new relationship or an engagement, makes celebrity culture feel exciting and accessible when our favourite celebrities get engaged, These are 5 celebrity couples who got engaged in 2018.

Number 5. Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner.

Talk about an Insta-worthy engagement! Model Karlie Kloss has a strong Hollywood-ready resume, she’s a model, and she’s also known for being a member of Taylor Swift’s coveted squad. Her famous groom-to-be also holds a famous association, he is the brother of Jared Kushner, who is married to the first-daughter Ivanka. Joshua Kushner’s family name is worthy of a story made for stardom, so what better than to marry someone who is already familiar enough with glitz and glamour? Karlie and Joshua announced their engagement after half a decade together in a sweet Instagram picture complete with a ring emoji!

Number 4. David Foster and Katharine McPhee.

Millions of fans tuned into American Idol during season five week after week to hear the songbird voice of Katharine McPhee! One of those fans was a behind-the-scenes insider, songwriter David Foster, who recently proclaimed to Billboard that he believed Katharine had a “great, great, future ahead of her” during her time on the show. Foster made a correct guess, McPhee went on to release a few albums and have a successful acting career. The two had a long period of time to get to know one another and fall in love, Katharine was married to Nick Cokas for eight years. Rumours of a relationship between McPhee and David Foster began in 2017, and they were confirmed a year later, Kat and David announced their engagement in July of 2018.

Number 3. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra.

For millions of teenage girls in the mid-2000s, the only brothers we really paid any attention to went by the name of Jonas! The Jonas Brothers gave their fans three records full of sweet, guitar-driven pop music, sprinkled with sweet lyrics we felt were written for us specifically, who among us has never swooned over When You Look Me In The Eyes? As time went by, the Jonas Brothers moved on to different projects and featured many different leading ladies on their arms. Nick Jonas, the youngest member of the band, was also known for dating a few famous faces, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez come to mind.

We’re all evolving humans, living through various fashion looks, and our inner circles also expand, Nick has taken on a dapper style and is now dating someone who hasn’t grown up in the glare of the celebrity spotlight in the United States. Priyanka Chopra is famous for her work in Bollywood films and in philanthropy, and now she will be known as the soon-to-be Mrs Jonas for fans of celebrity news! Clearly, Nick looked Priyanka in the eyes and knew it was destiny after two months of dating.

Number 2. Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s road from courtship to engagement seems pretty stunning! The Saturday Night Live cast member and God Is A Woman singer met shortly after their breakups from two high-profile celebrities. After a few quick Instagram posts of the pair together, and appearances at high-profile events, Ariana and Pete had split with their partners and began a whirlwind relationship! By May, the pair were engaged and sporting tattoos inked in tribute to one another. The real bombshell exploded a month later when Ariana posted a picture of her new giant sparkler on Instagram, the new loves are now due for a trip down the aisle!

Number 1. Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin.

The search has been on for Justin Bieber’s One Less Lonely Girl since the song was released in 2009! Justin’s fans, commonly referred to as “Belieber,” have anxiously kept tabs on Justin’s relationships for almost a decade, holding their breath for signs that Justin’s famous ex Selena Gomez might be the one for him. Surprisingly, Justin found a new partner, Hailey Baldwin, whom he had been friends with for a while. Baldwin is known for being a famous model and TV star, she has recently jumped into new waters as one half of a new, but already very famous, celebrity duo alongside Justin Bieber and their coupling isn’t new news, Justin and Hailey have already dated. The duo had already known each other long enough to build a foundation for a relationship, and Justin felt it was time to pop the question to his new, old love in July!

Well, that’s it for this list lets wait and see who gets added to the list by the end of 2018. If there are other couples that you think should have been mentioned please feel free to mention them in the comment section below.