Creepy videos and unexplained footage have perplexed us long before computers and smartphones gave us the ability to record and upload our weird behaviour with ease. From true-life mysteries to carefully executed hoaxes, There are so many bizarre videos on the Internet. Hey, I’m your host Mickey and These are 10 Disturbing videos on the internet.

Number 10. Paris Catacombs Lost Footage.

A video found buried beneath the streets of, in a myriad of ancient catacombs that lie beneath the city, appears to show a man journeying deep into the maze of tunnels. The sole explorer is seen discovering thousands of piles of human remains that seem to have been left untouched since they were laid to rest. As the clip continues, the man appears to become more panicked as he attempts to find a route out. Eventually, he drops the camera, but it keeps rolling as his footsteps disappear off into the darkness leaving the viewer uncertain whether he ever made it out alive. The camera was later found by another group of explorers who reportedly took the tape to authorities.

Number 9. The Transfiguration.

French artist Olivier de Sagazan is known for his artwork in which he repeatedly chucks clay and paints all over his face and body. There’s something so incredibly disturbing about this piece, especially when he gets the knife out and manages to somehow not hurt himself. His performance is like a sinister Rorschach Test that taps into an individual’s specific fear set. Transfiguration is so disturbing, it has actually inspired several creepypastas; clips without any context often circulate across social media, eliciting astonishment and dread in equal measure!

Number 8. Obey the Walrus.

No series dedicated to the exploration of creepy YouTube videos would be complete without an entry dedicated to Obey the Walrus. First uploaded in 2005, it quickly became a heavyweight in forums dedicated to all things bizarre and disturbing, eventually gaining a reputation as a cursed video and inspiring its own creepypasta. Watching Obey the Walrus leaves many profoundly affected, as it forces viewers to face the fragility of the human form while casting them into the pit of The Uncanny Valley. It features a thin and twisted tap dancer, unnerving music, and an unexpected appearance from the titular Walrus.

Number 7.  The Witch.

The Witch is a horrifying woman that was seen somewhere between Saudi Arabia and Qatar by Saudi policemen. They were driving a car when they saw something strange-a white old woman that was getting close to them. The woman was carrying a wooden staff. After some moments of silence, the witch started to run after the car and the policemen were screaming in horror while she was laughing. It is unknown what happened after the end of this video.

Number 6. Blank Room Soup.

The video was first uploaded in 2005. The sinister footage shows a man with his eyes blacked out, chowing down on some soup. As he’s eating, another man wearing a cartoon blank face walks in and starts patting the eater on the back. As he does this, the guy eating the soup starts sobbing. Another costumed character then enters and they both proceed to comfort him. A couple of ideas thrown around include that the meat in the soup is actually human remains which the man is being forced to eat. Another reckons that he is being held hostage and tortured and knows he is about to die, and that’s why he is crying.

Number 5. Username 6 6 6.

Username 6 6 6 is a video that shows what happens when you search for the username 6 6 6 on YouTube and then refresh the page a few times. While many web-based urban legends are fictional constructs, this one actually has roots in facts and while the true nature of the YouTube video known alternately as sm666 or Username 6 6 6 remains undetermined, the history of this viral video phenomenon is truly terrifying. In most cases, the clip in question is believed to originate with a Japanese experimental artist named Piropito, who at one point went by the username nana 8 2 5 7 6 3. The content of the video which was reportedly first uploaded on December 28, 2007, describes some of the cryptic and nightmarish posts made to 2channel’s paranormal board by an anonymous user with the handle sm 6 6 6.

Number 4. After Death.

This video is in the same vein as many other creepy YouTube videos. The video has Distorted audio, Black and white footage, Hidden messages, Long, foreboding shots of the woods, Weird figures in robes, After Death stalks a man down a trail where a skeleton has been bound to a pike, exposes us to a figure in a toothy mask, and sweeps over creepy dolls and symbols. Signs read, Hollow, Redrum, and Bloody Mary. Redrum, which spells murder backwards, could be a reference to The Shining. The symbol from The Blair Witch Project is also seen, along with a few Illuminati symbols.

Number 3. Girl Goes Psycho During Makeup Tutorial.

the 15 experience uploaded a video with the simple description This video was sent to me anonymously. I do not have any information beyond that. It is for you to decide on your own whether it is real or fake. The video was so shocking when it was uploaded that it launched an online search for this woman. It starts off with a woman showing a simple makeup tutorial and all of the sudden starts banging her head on the table. Leaving behind a broken forehead with blood flowing out of it.

Number 2. Dining Room or There is Nothing.

One of the classic, creepy videos of the pre-YouTube internet made it to the mass streaming service in 2006. Rather than being downloaded and shared as a movie file as it originally gained cult status, This video goes backwards and forwards, showing a pale woman uttering some gibberish in the beginning. She stares directly into the camera and dumps her face into an empty bowl. This is a video that cannot be explained. There’s no narrative or plot. But her chilling stare is the star of the video.

Number 1. 11B-X-1371.

A black and white video shows a figure in a black robe and plague doctor mask standing in what appears to be the ruins of a brick structure in the woods. At one point, he holds up his hand to display a flashing light in his palm. The sound in the video is a constant, creepy distortion, though beeping that accompanies the flashing light can clearly be heard. One person was able to run the audio through a spectrograph, revealing the message you are already dead” as well as a disturbing image of women being tortured. That image later turned out to be from a German slasher flick. Other graphic images hidden within were from the horror movie The Bunny Game, while another was an actual crime scene photo of a murder committed by the Boston Strangler. Other users found coordinates of the White House, as well as an anagram for Kill the president.

If there are any other videos which you think should have made it to the list. Please mention them in the comment section below and we will add them to the part 2.